Day 4: Donate Cat Food to the Humane Society

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” –Mark Twain


When I was young, I wanted a pet. What kid doesn’t right? In kindergarten I settled for the goldfish I won at the church festival. I named her Goldie and spent one wonderful week admiring her shiny orange scales before my dad took her on a trip to the “fish farm.” In elementary school I upgraded to two hamsters. A couple months later I had 20 hamsters and a sinking suspicion that the pet store employee needed a refresher course on hamster anatomy.

By junior high I set my sights on getting a pet that was a little more cuddly and a lot less flushable. After much begging, my dad took my sister and I to the local Humane Society where we adopted a cat named Annabelle. She immediately became an integral member of the family.


The Humane Society is the nation’s largest animal protection organization. Our local branch cares for around 4,000 animals each year and relies on donations for most of its funding. I looked on their website to see if they collected donations and it turns out they have a wish list posted containing items that they need most. I picked the first item listed and headed off to the store with Oliver to make our purchase.

Oliver inspected all the cans of cat food for superior quality and freshness.


We dropped off the donation at the shelter and then stayed for awhile to play with the cats. Oliver was amused because so many of the cat toys looked like smaller versions of toys he had at home. He kept trying to crawl through the cat tunnel and climb up the scratching posts. When that didn’t work, he started up a game of follow the leader. The cats led and he followed. I’m pretty sure he made a few news friends today. I’m just thankful he’s too young to ask to take one home.


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