Day 10: Surprise a Kid With a Souvenir

“In a world full of people who couldn’t care less, be someone who couldn’t care more.” –Unknown


Last week my dad surprised Brad and me with tickets to see the Detroit Tigers play the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS. We were ecstatic! Brad has been a lifetime Tiger’s fan, and I, a Cleveland Indian’s fan, just enjoy a good baseball game. It might have something to do with my deep appreciation for ball park soft pretzels and hotdogs. What is it about a cold plastic seat, a cheering crowd, and athletes in tight pants that make those pretzels taste so dang good?

When I learned we would be going to the game on Thursday, I knew I wanted to carry out my random act of kindness at the ball park. I have so many fond memories of going to Cleveland Indian’s games as a kid. As an adult it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of the crowd, the suspense of each pitch, and the thrill of a home game win. As a kid, it’s all that times 1000.

I thought it would be a great surprise to find an unsuspecting kid and, with their parent’s permission, give them a souvenir. When we got to the stadium I found a stand selling Tiger’s apparel and picked out a cute baseball cap. We then made our way to our seats where I began my search for a hatless kid.

Somewhere around the 4th inning I went to get a drink from the concessions when I spotted my unsuspecting recipient. It was a young boy, probably around 10-years-old waiting in line with his dad to buy ice cream. I got in line behind them, and as they were leaving the stand, presented the hat to the somewhat confused kid. I briefly explained I was doing a random acts of kindness project and that I hoped he would accept the hat as my act of the day. With his dad’s approval he took the hat, and I quickly made my exit.

The Tiger’s ended up losing to Boston 3-4 last night, but that’s not really what matters. Going to a baseball game, especially as a kid, is more about the time spent with people you love. Sharing a ball park hot dog. Singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game in unison. High-fiving when you’re team scores a run. And now hopefully for that 10-year-old kid, it will also be about that time a stranger surprised him with a hat.


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