Day 15: Tape Quarters to Gum Ball Machines

“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.” –Gibran


Can I have a quarter? My mom heard this question on every single trip to the grocery store when I was kid. There was something about those bright neon gum balls that I couldn’t resist. Now, as an adult I still ask that question every time I walk past a gum ball machine. My poor husband.

I was feeling under the weather most of the day so I needed to pick a random act of kindness that was easy and didn’t require too much preparation. I decided I would head to the grocery store and tape quarters to all of the candy and prize machines and the claw games.

The grocery store is only about a two minute drive from our apartment. Taping quarters to the machines took all of three minutes. That’s a total of five minutes out of my day to do something nice for someone. Sometimes an act of kindness can be very simple.

While I was at the store I ran into a friend who knows about the project. She texted me later to let me know the cashiers and baggers were talking about the random act of kindness and how cool it was. Five minutes. That’s all it takes. Five minutes to do something kind. Five minutes to do something “cool.”

What’s even more exciting is that this friend shared with me that the people she knows who read my blog are doing there own version of the 29 Random Acts of Kindness project. When I set out to do this one of my goals was to be the first domino in a chain reaction of kindness. At only 15 days in I can already see this in motion. I can’t wait to see where 29 days takes me.


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