Day 17: Surprise a Friend with Diapers and Cookies

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single minute before starting to improve the world.” –Anne Frank


It’s a known fact that there is nothing pleasant about diapers. They’re a pain to change, they almost always smell, one “value” box can set you back $40, and the second you put a clean one on your baby, he or she is guaranteed to poop. It’s some kind of Pavlovian baby response. I’m convinced if it weren’t for the cute, smiling baby they put on the outside of the box, no one would buy them.

For my friend J who recently had a baby, changing diapers has become a way of life. Barring moving in with her and becoming her personal nanny, I knew there wasn’t much I could do to help on the diapering front. But I could help alleviate some of the expense.

Now giving your friend diapers is not the most exciting gift in the world. I think it falls somewhere below weight-loss DVDs but slightly above feminine hygiene products in the race for the worst gift. But when it comes to a practical thing to give a new mom, they are the clear winner. Second place of course goes to food, which is why I made sure to include some freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies with the diapers.

I used this amazing recipe here. Okay don’t really click on that link; it’s just a picture of Nestle break-in-bake cookies. That was all my baking skills were up to today. But I don’t think J minded. She seemed genuinely excited about the cookies. She liked the diapers too, you know, as much as you can like something that only slightly beats out tampons as a good gift. The best part of this random act of kindness though, is that it was preceded by adult conversation and a relaxing walk in the park with our little guys.


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