Day 19: Leave Detergent and Quarters at the Laundromat

“Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.” –Frank A. Clark


For the last five years, I have had the luxury of doing laundry within the comforts of my apartment. No carting my clothes to the Laundromat. No rolls of quarters to keep the dryer going. And no sitting around, killing time until the buzzer goes off. It is a convenience I don’t take for granted.

When my husband and I lived in Philadelphia, I begrudgingly lugged a suitcase full of dirty clothes from our studio apartment down to the Laundromat two blocks away. To say I disliked this chore was an understatement. I loathed this chore. There’s something about sitting on a hard plastic chair watching underwear swirl around that makes my skin crawl. It’s my own version of nails on a chalkboard.

The one thing that could make laundry day even worse was when I left either my detergent or roll of quarters back at the apartment. (I know my life was so hard, right?) For this act of kindness, I wanted to make sure the next person that showed up at the Laundromat who forgot their stuff, would still be able to get their laundry done. I left a bottle of detergent and fabric softener sheets on the counter with a sign saying, “Need soap? Use me!” Then I put quarters into all the washers.

While I can’t open up my home to anyone and everyone who doesn’t have a washing machine and dryer of their own, I can make the trip to the Laundromat a little more enjoyable. Or at least a little less expensive.


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