Random Acts

Click on the day to read more about each specific random act of kindness.

Day 1: Leave flowers on the doorstep of a neighbor

Day 2: Give a gift to the playroom staff at the gym

Day 3: Send Halloween cards and stickers to my nieces

Day 4: Donate cat food to the Humane Society

Day 5: Surprise a friend with movie tickets and babysitting

Day 6: Pick up trash at the park

Day 7: Bake cupcakes for everyone at my doctor’s office

Day 8: Buy coffee for a stranger

Day 9: Leave money taped to vending machines

Day 10: Surprise a kid with a souvenir

Day 11: Donate books to the library

Day 12: Write a thank you letter to an influential teacher

Day 13: Support my dad during the Detroit marathon

Day 14: GIve a Toys R’ Us gift card to an unsuspecting kid

Day 15: Tape quarters to gum ball machines

Day 16: Deliver treats to the maternity nurses

Day 17: Surprise a friend with diapers and cookies

Day 18: Hand out scratch-offs to strangers

Day 19: Leave detergent and quarters at the laundromat

Day 20: Pay for others’ movie rentals

Day 21: Treat our firefighters to donuts and bagels

Day 22: Reverse trick-or-treating

Day 23: Take my mom out to lunch

Day 24: Leave pregnancy books for someone to find

Day 25: Give flowers to a Hospice patient

Day 26: Donate blood

Day 27: Be the coupon fairy

Day 28: Write a letter praising an employee

Day 29: Celebrate a Birthday



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