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Day 27: Be the Coupon Fairy

“Our regrets are the least for those past errors that were made on the side of kindness.” –Lewis F. Korns


Have you ever seen the show Extreme Couponing?  It’s essentially a show about people who treat couponing like it’s a full-time job and save hundreds of dollars on groceries. If I were to describe my coupon usage, it would be the exact opposite of that.

Extreme couponing? I’m more like no couponing. Or cut a couple coupons only to leave them in the car couponing. Yup, that is definitely more my style.

You know when I would actually use a coupon? If someone were to say, cut it for me and set it right next to the relevant product in the store. Yes, if I had to do absolutely no work whatsoever then I would coupon. For all the lazy  people with more important things to do, I decided I would take all the work out of couponing and help them save a little money.

I spent a couple weeks collecting the advertisements out of the Sunday newspaper and diligently cut out every single coupon. Cheerios? Check. Lysol wipes? Check. Citrucel? Check. I had coupons for everything from spicy sausage to antacids to toilet paper. (And I imagine that is the order in which they would be utilized.)  I cut a total of 184 coupons.

I then headed out to the local grocery store where I spent close to two hours taping coupons next to the products. I got a lot of satisfaction out of doing something so simple (and free) that has the potential to make so many people smile. Who doesn’t want to save 35 cents on Eggbeaters right? That’s 35 rides on the 1 penny pony ride in the front of the store!


I can’t say I feel inspired to cut coupons for myself in the future, but if anyone sees this random act of kindness and wants to follow suit, I will happily use the coupons I find taped next to all my favorite products.

And to the Meijer employee tasked with watching the “weird girl” on the security cameras for two hours, I swear I was not taking anything from the store. Only leaving behind a little kindness for others to find.

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