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Day 22: Reverse Trick-or-Treating

“All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.” –Tahereh Mafi

I will openly admit that this random act of kindness was originally motivated by my desire to put my son in this costume:


Isn’t he adorable? The way he waddles around like he can’t decide if he is going to be running or falling melts my heart.


But cute costumes aside, I also wanted to do this because I love trick-or-treating. As a kid I would anxiously wait by the door, counting down the minutes until trick-or-treating began. When I spotted the first group of kids rolling down the street I would shriek wildly through the house, “It’s time! It’s time!” This was a sign that my dad should drop everything he is doing and take off at a full sprint toward the neighbors house with me. For the next two hours I’d race from house to house collecting as much candy as my pale could carry. When it was full I’d run home, dump out the contents, and dash back out into the darkness.

Let’s just say if trick-or-treating were an Olympic Sport I’d take the gold. The first year I was “too old” to go out I remember feeling really bummed. It was one of the many indicators that I was indeed growing up and that adult responsibilities loomed on the horizon. “You can just eat some of the candy I bought to pass out,” my mom said to me as I sat slumped over in the foyer. Clearly she didn’t get it.

When Halloween rolled around this year, I wanted to find a way to bring trick-or-treating to all the young adults out there that like me, might be feeling nostalgic for past Halloweens. I bought two large bags of candy, stuck Oliver in his costume, and headed off to the local university. Because my husband is a graduate student there he was able to take some time away from his work and accompany us.


In total, we passed out about 300 pieces of candy over the course of an hour. Responses varied from great enthusiasm and excitement to confusion. One girl thought we were asking for candy and apologized that she didn’t have anything to hand over. She was pleasantly surprised when we told her it was the exact opposite. Oliver had a lot of fun running around the campus showing off his mad dinosaur skills, which in case you were wondering is a move where he pounds his chest and yells “yeyeyeye.” It’s a little more Tarzan than dinosaur but with how cute he looks, no one cares.

We all had a lot of fun passing out the candy and plan on making it a yearly tradition, minus the dinosaur costume of course. I’m pretty sure teenage Oliver will have some pretty strong opinions about publicly prancing around with a tail.


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